An Everyday Crime Fighter...

Moira's Perspective

Moira understands that people struggle and that's why she believes, "It's not how you start, its how you finish."



Democratic Candidate for

Judge in the Will County 2nd Sub-Circuit

     Moira K. Dunn is a lifelong Will County resident who has worked for many years in the legal profession.  Calling the law her work is a misnomer.  To be accurate you must know it is her passion.  

     The daughter of well respected, retired Will County Judge and State Senator Tom Dunn,  Moira has learned from the best what it  means to serve her community.  While she would be a strict jurist, she would also bring a unique measure of compassion and understanding to the bench based on the challenges she has personally faced in life.  

      An individual with unquestionable integrity, Moira was drawn to public service for one simple reason; to serve her fellow residents and the community she shares with them.